Turquoise Area Rug Mohawk Home Review

If you want to brighten a room and make a bold statement with your decor then the Mohawk Home Paradise Turquoise area rugs is the modern area rug you have to have in your home. It gives you a splash of color and comfort in a room as well as gives you a place to sit and be comfortable on the floor playing with the kids, pets or watching TV. The Mohawk Turquoise area rugs is just the thing that will zing and pizzazz to your family room, den, and bedroom. This 8×10 area rug can fit into any room in your home.

Turquoise Area Rug Mohawk Home Review

This colorful rug also protects more expensive flooring and carpeting from wear. It makes your family room or bedroom come alive with the colors of nature. It provides a sturdy surface to put a rocker or a living room. This area rug radiates beauty through the transparent top of the table as well. But, that’s not all it provides, as you’ll soon see.

Beautiful turquoise rug with greenish and brown shading

When you need an area rug those lights up a room, this is the one. It gives the illusion of part desert, part green grass and of course, the signature turquoise coloring that reminds one of the deep Blue Ocean or the clear sky above. These colors combine to give you a restful and soothing environment in any room of your home. For the family room, it makes you feel comfortable and cozy, as the warm earth colors create a peaceful and restful feeling.

A cheap area rug that’s rugged and resists staining

You not only get beauty it is also a carpet that can take what your family can dish out and, what’s more, it will fit your traffic use rooms with ease as it’s made of 100% Nylon yarn. This means it is tightly put together and resists having dirt and grime from being ground into the nap. You have one of the most modern of contemporary area rugs and its beauty will last you and your family through years of use.

Cleaning is simple

If you should have an accident, whether from a pet, food, and kids you only have to spot clean the area that needs attention. That is one of the sad things about many area carpets these days. They seem made for admiring and not practical for daily. You don’t have to worry about this one as it is made for looks as well as use.

A turquoise area rugs thick enough to look and feel plush

Here you can get into an argument with those that Persian and Indian carpeting is thicker. Of the three, you need only know that this rug is 14/32″ pile and that makes this carpet the perfect thickness. It provides comfort and yet be able to handle rough usage and still feel soft to bare feet that just want to move back and forth to tickle toes, feel the warmth of the colors and softness of the weave of the rug.

Heavy-duty backing means…

This rug can sit on a bare wood floor or tile floor and not slip and slide about. Those with marble and laminate floors will appreciate how this rug takes away cold from seeping into you while you are lounging in the dining room or family room. You can watch TV or play video games up close and a cold floor wouldn’t mar your fun.

It is also the perfect rug to have in front of your wood-burning fireplace. You can snuggle, enjoy the glow of the fire, and be comfortable at the same time.

Pros of the Turquoise Area Rugs: 

  • An area rug that fits any room in the house
  • A beautiful turquoise area rugs with coloring like nothing I’ve seen before
  • You can lay down on this area rug and watch the tube in complete comfort
  • Great area rug and at a wonderful price
  • This area rug gives a room a warm natural glow
  • Sets off the room’s decor and the furniture in it
  • This ain’t a cheaply made area rug
  • The best in contemporary area rugs


  • While it is stain resistant you should be careful and spot clean only
  • Colors may vary slightly from the pictures


Q: Can I put this area rug on top of another carpet?

Ans: Yes, the heavy Polyester and latex backing keeps it from sliding on virtually any surface.

Q: Can I throw it into the washer?

Ans: No, it is a weave and should only be spot cleaned.

Q: Will this area rug be suitable for polished wood flooring?

Ans: Yes, the rug wouldn’t slide

Q: Can I put an End table on top of this rug?

Ans: Yes, the weave and backing serve as a firm backing for tables and chairs.

Q: Is the design printed on?

A: No, it is weaved with different colored threads.


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Turquoise Area Rugs Customer Rating & Review

Turquoise Area Rug Mohawk Home Review

The vast majority of customers who have bought this area rug feel it is one of the best buys they’ve made in a long time. The colors are vibrant, it livens up any room you choose to put it in, and the heavy-duty weave wouldn’t come apart under daily use.

This area rug is one of the most recommended by its owners and handily garners a 4.7-star rating on Amazon. The owners are in awe of the color and quality that such a cheap area rug has and how well it looks no matter which room they set it in. All in all the purchasers of this rug love it and would buy it again in a heartbeat.

Final Thoughts of Turquoise Area Rugs

Beauty is where you put it. This 8×10 area rug brings out the beauty in your family room, den, and home entertainment center. You have an addition to your room’s decor that is colorful in a classic Native American color scheme that brings the world of nature into your home. It also provides a beautiful addition that complements tables, chairs, and a great place just to relax and either sit or lay on as well in front to a TV, fireplace, and just doing your homework or studying.

Other area rugs can’t compete with the Mohawk turquoise area rug as it is made to last and is a cheap area rug priced just right. So if you want a quality area rug that will beautify your home, wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, and is useful to boot that here is the one you want.


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