Shag Area Rug Review Safavieh Milan

Shag Area Rug Review Safavieh Milan

For over 100 years, Safavieh is lifting its reputation in creating home furnishings and artistic interior and outdoor accessories. One of the most sought-after indoor accessories in Safavieh is the variety of their flamboyant contemporary area rugs. The Safavieh Milan Shag Collection Shag area rug is one of the best selling Safavieh shag rug that gains high-rated reviews online. Because of its appealing and clean creamy ivory color, placing it in any area of the house would never be a problem.

Safavieh creates its discount area rugs with passion and love. This collection of shag rugs are handmade using either of the two techniques: hand tufting, and hand weaving. They are made of acrylic material and each pile of fiber is made of polypropylene. It has a weight of 76 pounds (34.4 Kg) and has a dimension of 10 ft. long, 8 ft. wide, and 1 inch thick.

Whom Is This Product Designed for?

– Elderly
– Housewives
– Kids

Features of Safavieh Milan Shag Area Rug

Shag Area Rug Review Safavieh Milan

– Versatility
The cheap shag rugs created by Safavieh match very well no matter where you are going to place it. Place it in a nursery room and baby is going to crawl on it with no fear of the fringes or fibers to fall apart. Place it in a dining room, just right underneath the table and it would blend well with your furniture no matter what color and style it is. Place it in your bedroom, and it adds more warmth and comfort to your cozy space.

– Softness and Color
The Safavieh area rugs are very soft that it great for bare feet. The pile is 1 inch thick and even when it is stepped and walked on, it goes back to its place and it does not flatten. Aside from that, the softness of the rug does not change even after the professional cleaning is done. Everyone can even sleep on it because of its unbelievable softness. Also, the color of the rug does not easily fade away as long as it is not exposed to sunlight.

– Sturdy and Cleans Up Easily
It is recommended to perform professional cleaning for these rugs when there are hard-to-remove stains. When there are liquid spills on it, cleaning the rug is as easy as pressing a dry cloth on it to absorb the spill. The fibers of these contemporary area rugs are power-loomed to ensure that they will not shed. When vacuuming it regularly, the fibers are not setting apart and the vacuum cleaner is not getting sucked up.

– Blends well with the Home Interior
Safavieh Ivory Shag Area Rug has a creamy ivory color that does not shrink when placed anywhere. Its clean and humble color blends well not only with the hue of the flooring and ceiling but also with the furniture and home accessories with dark or light shades. Its unisex color is user-friendly so it can be a highlight in a boy’ or girl’s bedroom and even baby’s nursery room too.

– Comfort
The rug is comfortable to step on. You can do many things on it. You can sleep, sit, kneel, and walk on it because it is cushy and plushy. When you walk on it, it feels as if you are walking on the clouds because of its softness.


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Pros of Safavieh Rugs:

– The ivory color of the rug complements almost all colors of the home interior.
– The shag area rug is a deep pile of plush so it does not shed.
– The rug is hand-tufted using acrylic for a longer lifespan.
– The area rug is too thick that it does not flatten even when you walked on it.

Cons of Safavieh Area Rugs

– It does not come with a rug pad.
– The entire rug is too bulky and heavy.
– It has a strong odor when newly opened but goes away after a few days.
– It slides and moves when there is no rug pad underneath.


Can I use a vacuum to clean the rug?
– Vacuuming regularly is good but for tough stains, it is recommended to professionally clean the rug.
Can I use a rug pad with this rug?
– This rug does not have a backing so it is recommended to use a rug pad with this rug to avoid sliding and shifting. A non-skid rug pad also protects the floor.
Is this rug ivory creamy white or yellowish beige?
– This area rug is more of creamy ivory.

Shag Area Rug Review Safavieh Milan Final verdict

This luxurious Safavieh Shag Rug undeniably adds comfort to any area of the home because of its sophisticated and alluring style and color that complements the home interior. Its color is more of creamy ivory that simply stands out in any area of your home: living room, nursery, dining area, and bedroom. The default size of the 8×10 area rug is also not too small to consume the large areas of your space.

This is a versatile and sturdy area rug that works well with the little ones who are learning to crawl. Safavieh never fail to bring the perfect area rug that everyone is looking for. Overall, this Safavieh Milan Shag Area Rug is impressive and extremely worth it.


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