Safavieh Shag Rug California Collection Review

Safavieh Shag Rug California Collection Review

Safavieh Shag Rug California SG151-1313 Collection shag rug has been designed to offer a classy and luxurious look. The first impression that every customer gets about the Safavieh contemporary area rugs is that it is soft, beautiful, and classy. You can incorporate its desirable look in your home decor. Most of the customers have various needs or preferences. For instance, you might fall in love with thin area rugs or thick ones.

In addition, you may love the luxurious ones. Nevertheless, there is a factor of size. Therefore, most of these area rugs for sale are designed to suit each customer’s needs. Not forgetting the issue of material, the designs proffer different materials so everyone can select from the vast collections. Mostly, the area rugs are crafted with quality acrylic materials to make them durable. The issue of color is blended in as well to give them a stylish and classy finish.

This Safavieh Shag Rug California is perfect for homeowners, interior decorators, office owners, Hotel owners, among others. Generally, as long as you want to incorporate that elegant and luxurious finish to your home especially the living and bedroom, office, or any other workplace.

Safavieh Shag rug California Features:

The power-loomed design:

Most people tend to look for comfort and long-lasting rugs. If you are one of these people then this feature satisfies your inner needs. The power-loomed design enhances the comfortability and durability of these area rugs on sale. At least, whenever one goes out and purchases this area rug, they are content and satisfied with it. Regardless to say, the design offers the best chances of the rug to last for a long time. Every household deserves a long-lasting area rug that will not wear off in a short while.

High-density polypropylene pile:

The material was meant to provide great functionality. It provides a great degree of tenderness, and softness making it viable for your kids and pets. This is one of the features that make the shag area rugs suitable for most families and offices. The feature gives the contemporary area rugs the touch that most customers seek when purchasing the area rugs on sale. Other than that, the warm touch is of high quality.

The class and style of the area rug:

The design of the area rugs comes with extensive style and class. The rug has a nice executive and luxurious look that sends all customers lusting for it. It is no doubt that it has a stylish look that gives the living room, bedroom, office, workspace, board rooms, among others the classy accent. Luxury and beauty will sell; no one will buy a rug that has no aesthetic value attached within.

Ample size:

The rug has been designed to measure 8′ x 10’. This provides every living, bedroom, or office with the required coverage to ensure a complete luxurious space for the visitors, kids, pets, and others. Sometimes size is an essential factor when you are shopping for these area rugs. Sometimes someone wants a bigger rug or a smaller rug. All the sizes are available; however, this one measures 8×10 area rug.

High quality and style:

The style features the warm silver color that blends in great with most interior decors. The quality ensures durability, comfort, class, contemporary value, and above all the executive feature it offers. In this technological world, style and class sell more than the quantity. However, the quality has to be high to meet consumer preference.


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Pros of the Safavieh shag area rugs

  • They are durable from the power-loomed design
  • They are affordable rug
  • They give the interior décor the contemporary value
  • They are comfortable and fit well for kits and pets
  • Available in various sizes and color
  • Quality and unmatched style and class
  • Ample size to fit in any room
  • Gives the room and office the luxurious finish
  • Can be used in the bedroom to provide a cozy ascent
  • Available in light choices

Cons Safavieh rugs

  • Lack of anti-slip features therefore consumers are forced to buy an anti-slip rug pad
  • Can be damaged if directly exposed to sunlight
  • Not easy to clean
  • Not thick as most customers would love

Safavieh Shag Rug California

Frequent Questions and Answers of Safavieh shag Safavieh California area rugs:

Q: “What is the rug made of and are the materials used well for my pets?”

A: The rug is machine-made from polypropylene pile. It is stain-resistant and is bleach proof. You need this since you know how animals can get very messy in the house.

Q: “What is the weight of the 8′ x 10’ safavieh shag rug?”

A: “The weight of the 8×10 area rug is 41 lbs. This is relatively light and easy to move around if you would like to”

Q: “Is this rug shiny silver?”

A: “The shag area rug is not shiny.”

Q: “What is the height of the pile?”

A: “The pile height for this area rug is 1 inch.”

Conclusion: Safavieh Shag Rug California

Safavieh shag rug California collection is a great quality product. It has sophisticated design features that have been handcrafted by professionals in the industry. For instance, the Power loomed feature has been designed using polypropylene material that offers great durability and comfort. Overall, the contemporary area rugs have been designed to last long and the high-density polypropylene material proffers the best of softness and tenderness making it suitable for kids and pets.

The color blends in well with the interior decor and fits well from living rooms, bedrooms, offices, among other decors including the outdoor decors. Furthermore, the rug not only provides a contemporary look or ascent but a luxurious look.

As most consumers have liked and loved the area rugs on sale, other consumers have felt that it is a bit expensive for their interior decor budget. Nevertheless, some consumers also feel that the satisfaction and the quality of the rug outweigh other factors and the price is all fit. Anyway, consumers have not to worry about the price since online shops like Amazon offer better deals on their discount area rugs.


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