Safavieh Florida Shag Area Rug Review


Safavieh Florida Area Rug Review

Safavieh Florida Shag comes in a number of patterns to give the homeowner different choices, there are the animal print designs, abstract patterns, designs inspired by creeping plants as well as floral patterns. All these can be found in stunning colors that complement the interior decor of the room.

The makers have taken into account that homeowners have children, pets and may have a lot of guests so the contemporary area rugs need to be able to withstand all this and yet still retain their classy look. Customer reviews have rated the performance of this area rug highly.

It would be appealing particularly to:

– Homeowners who wish to have a beautiful centerpiece

– Pet owners or people with children who want a durable area rug

– Offices with a lot of traffic and need a durable and presentable rug

– Anyone who appreciates a well-designed shag area rug

Features that contribute to Safavieh Florida Shag beige area rug include:

1- High-Density Polypropylene Pile: The material with which it is designed, make it quite durable. So even if you had a pet, like a cat or a dog, it will not be able to pull out the fur on this rug easily. It can also handle children running over and playing on it without it coming apart. It will look good without forcing you to spoil the fun of your children or pets. You also don’t need to keep telling visitors not to step on the rug.

2- Power Loomed Construction: Unlike a number of area rugs on sale that are handcrafted, the SG455-1113 beige area rugs constructed using a machine to ensure there is very little room for error and the notes are tightly woven together. Because of the power loom constructions, you can be assured that this rug will serve you for a number of years and will not come apart easily. It, therefore, proves to be an asset to you and is worth the money spent.

3- Bleach Resistant: The Safavieh area rug is made so that it will not lose color if you used bleach to clean it. This is a very important feature that every rug should have in whatever setting. They know that the areas where you may place the rug are prone to accidents like drinks spilling. These drinks can easily cause stains on a beige rug, luckily though this rug can be washed with bleach to remove any stains and it will not lose its natural color.

4 -Contemporary Design: This rug has been designed after intense research into what people may consider fashionable so that they can come up with one of the best contemporary area rugs in the market. There is a high level of modern artistry that goes into creating different designs. This craftsmanship gives the home or office where you put these area rugs a fashionable look that you can be proud of. For example, colors like beige are a signature of modernity in interior decor.

5- Soft Fabric: If you run your hands or your foot over the beige area rugs you will notice how soft and fluffy the fabric feels on your foot or hands. This feature helps to create comfort if you are seated in your living room. You removed your sandals and put your feet on this rug. It will feel just as comfortable as wearing your fluffy sandals on a winter night. Children also enjoy lying on this rug or playing on it because of its comfortable fabric.


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Pros of the Safavieh Florida Shag Area Rug:

Safavieh Florida Area Rug Review

  • They are beautiful and attract the attention of visitors.
  • Reasonably priced for the kind of quality you get.
  • Nice and comfortable to lie on
  • Easy to take care of them
  • They do not shed a lot


–  It cannot cover the entire living room

– The kids will enjoy hiding bread crumbs in it

– If you have pets that shed fur a lot you have to vacuum regularly


Q- How long before I should worry about shedding?

Ans- With Safavieh Florida Shag Collection SG455-1113 area rug, that is the least of your worries, you can rely on this rug for years without worrying about shedding.

Q- I have pets in the house, won’t they destroy this rug

Ans- The area rugs are made from very strong fabric and are power-loomed, they can handle the terror from pets.

Q- Does it need to be vacuumed often?

Ans- It does have long furs that may hide the dirt a little bit but consider the fact that it is a beige area rug; if you want it to look clean you may need to vacuum it regularly especially if there is heavy traffic.

Safavieh Florida Shag Area Rug

Customer reviews

84 percent of the customers who used or still use the Safavieh Florida Shag Collection Beige Area Rugs gave it a 5-star rating especially for its stylish design and durability. in the words of Melissa, “ This rug is plush and well designed, visitors always ask where I got it. I absolutely love it”

Safavieh Florida Shag Conclusion

If you are looking for high-quality contemporary area rugs that will serve a number of purposes, then the Safavieh Florida ShagSG455-1113 beige area rug is just the rug for you. Safavieh shag rugs have undergone a huge transformation to give them a contemporary look that suits your modern lifestyle in terms of beauty and functionality. It is very hard to find unhappy customers of this area rug, so you just cannot go wrong with it.

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