Safavieh Cambridge Rug CAM134D Review

Safavieh Cambridge Rug CAM134D Review

What do you need in your home to make it looks better? Sure, the painting of the walls, the lighting of the room and the furniture all play a part. However, you can sure to do with affordable area rugs such as Safavieh Cambridge Rug as well. They can make your rooms look better and add in a pleasant feel to it. Plus, you love modern area rugs during the winter, as it can help you keep the rooms just that little bit warmer. If you have put on the fireplace during winter evenings, the rugs could even be one of the places you can sit on and have a chat with your family members.

So are you looking for contemporary area rugs that can add it in to your home decor? If you are looking for a Safavieh Cambridge rug you can go for 8×10 area rugs. These area rugs for sale are just right for you. With low maintenance costs and a variety of colors to choose from, you will have plenty to choose from. You will also love these rugs because they are pretty much affordable and is a wool area rug that you will find handy.

This is a handmade rug made out of wool, designed primarily for home use. It is a Safavieh Cambridge rug CAM134D and is available in multiple colors.

To whom is this product designed for?

– It is a great product for housewives who are looking for a rug to make an empty floor look better.

– It is a great option for an office owner who needs something to make his office area seem more hospitable.

– It is a good option for anyone who wants to give this as a gift on a special occasion.

Important features of Safavieh Cambridge Rug: 

So, what will you love about it? Here are a few things.

  1. Handmade – This area rug is handmade and hand-tufted, which gives it a better quality over machine designed rugs. It is made from pure, premium wool. Being made of wool, this is a great covering to have in winters when not only will it cover the floor and enhance the aesthetics of the room but also provide warmth to those using it.
  2. Cotton backing – Though the rug is made of premium wool, there is a layer of cotton backing. This provides durability. Since the rug will last for longer as compared to a rug without a cotton backing, it also becomes a value for money purchase. It also makes transportation of the rug easier and makes it easy to roll the rug. This comes in handy during cleaning.
  3. Weight – The rug weighs 52 pounds. The weight of the rug is such that it looks like a good quality rug when it is used in a room, as it lends enough heaviness. However, it is not so heavy that it becomes impossible to roll and lift once in a while for cleaning purposes or for moving it somewhere else. You can move the rug easily between rooms without a worry.
  4. Size – It is an 8’ x 10’ area rug. It can be called a medium-sized rug. It is ideal for average to above-average sized rooms which have some furniture already in place and need a particular area covered by the rug, for example, the area between the sofas in a sitting room. It can also be put in a smaller, bare room.
  5. Colors – The contemporary area rug is available in various shades. This allows for versatility. You can pick and choose which color goes best with your furniture, upholstery, curtains, wall paint etc. Or you can opt for a non-risky neutral color. It is available in twenty shades, from black to silver to navy and ivory/ rust.

Pros of the Safavieh Cambridge Rug

– Availability in so many colors gives unlimited options of choice.

– Easily cleaned, can be vacuumed over without any problems.

– It is handmade which gives it some luxury points and increases quality.


– Wool area rugs can be high maintenance than other materials.

– The rug tends to shed a lot.

– Can make a lot of problems while cleaning because of the shedding if your floor isn’t laminated.


  1. How big is the diamond pattern on top?
  2. On a rug of 8’ x 10’, there are 7 diamonds like patterns.
  3. Does it shed only in the beginning or throughout its usage?
  4. It does shed a lot, in the beginning, a few months, although that becomes a little less lately. It doesn’t stop shedding though.
  5. Is the ivory pattern as advertised?
  6. Yes, the ivory pattern looks exactly the same. It is slightly raised from the rest of the carpet and gives a distinctive effect.

Safavieh Cambridge Rug Customer Rating and Review

Customer ratings have been obtained by 3.9 stars at my writing. The rug has been reviewed positively for its feel and looks but has been planned for shedding a lot and for the grey colored rug looking closer to periwinkle blue rather than grey.

Final verdict: Safavieh Cambridge Rug

If you are looking for area rugs on sale, the handmade CAM134D Safavieh Cambridge rug is one of the best options that you can find. It doesn’t weigh much and is pretty affordable too. Add to it the fact that you have a number of color options to choose from, so you can even buy in different colors for different rooms. The rugs have a premium feel to it as well, and since they are handcrafted and tufted, you can be sure about the quality.

Out of various area rugs available today, the rug is a good buy if you are looking for an affordable area rug which is sophisticated and handmade without shelling out exorbitant prices. It is durable and provides a lot of choice in shades which gives you the opportunity to make it look good anywhere.


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