How to clean sheepskin rug?

How to clean sheepskin rug

Contemporary area rugs can be used to improve the decor of any room in your home. This is because they are beautiful, fun and versatile. And this is where sheepskin rugs come in. They are available in a variety of designs, shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from. There are numerous benefits to owning a sheepskin rug. The fur is extraordinarily durable and can last decades if treated correctly. Besides being natural, sheepskin fur is also hypo-allergenic. However, after the usual, everyday traffic these luxurious area rugs will start showing dirt. Therefore, a question that arises is how to clean sheepskin rug.

Of course, most of the sheepskin rugs come with special care directions and it is recommendable to follow them because it can void the warranty. But if your area rug did not come with these special care instructions, below are some helpful tips on how to clean it:

The best way to clean sheepskin rug

-Regular Care

Prior to washing, most sheepskin rugs may be maintained by just brushing the fibers using a wire or an animal brush and then vacuuming using an attachment arm. Dust and dirt can also be removed by firmly shaking the rug.


Sheepskin rugs may be washed if more cleaning is needed than a simple brushing. There are various methods of cleaning that can be used. For instance, when spot-cleaning a damp white cloth and soap are gently used to clean dirty spots.

To clean the whole rug, it is advisable to use a wool wash, particularly one made purposely for a sheepskin rug. Strictly avoid use of bleaching agents, fabric softeners or detergents with enzymes when treating this type of rug.

Using lukewarm or cold water gently hand-wash your rug. After washing the rug and removing all the dirty spots, squeeze the excess water from it.

Sheepskin rug may be machine washed, too. However, this should be done only on a delicate setting and with lukewarm or cool water.


Once clean, the rug may be dried on a line or flat. The rug should not be exposed to hot air or direct sunlight in order to dry. Drying the sheepskin in a dry machine or direct sunlight can cause the leather to harden or to shrink, damaging it. To correctly dry the sheepskin rug laid it flat in a dry and shady spot.


While the rug is still dumped, stretch it t

o its original shape. For better results, one may use a wire-brush to fluff-up the `fibers. The leather underneath the rug may need massaging so as to regain softness.

If you plan to store the sheepskin area rug after washing, ensure that it is completely dry. The rug should be stored in a cool, airy place away from direct sunlight, for example in a roomy closet. Sheepskin products should not be stored in plastic bags for a long period of time. This is mainly because the plastic bag does not permit the fibers to breathe properly. This may lead to condensation due to warm conditions damaging the sheepskin pelt.

These contemporary area rugs are a huge investment to your home. However, with correct care, clean sheepskin rug washing and storage, this natural product can be enjoyed for very many decades.