Genuine Sheepskin Rug Review

Genuine Sheepskin Rug Review

Bowron has been one of the major players in the sheepskin rug business since 1879. Based in New Zealand, they operate tanneries in both New Zealand and Australia. The 42 step tanning process from which they draw their heritage is still put to use in a more refined manner. However, this particular Genuine sheepskin rug is a relatively new addition to its exclusive collection.

Designed with the same precision as other high-end living room area rugs, this has been priced at an affordable rate. It is indeed a luxury addition to your home decor and is value for money. This white sheepskin rug is imported from China but then it is important to note that the final product is manufactured in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s pastoral lush has been one of the key factors behind such high-quality sheepskin.

This product has basically been designed for:

  1. Middle-class households
  2. Pet owners

Let me highlight some important features of this contemporary area rug: 

  1. The interwoven fibers of the rug run deep and are smooth. This allows the rug to be soft and fluffy and endows it with a delicately fine texture. This finesse makes it possible to be used as a multipurpose decor item in the living area. You can also use it as a cover to your furniture or put it up as your pet’s nest else if the living area is too crammed up, you could simply cuddle it and feel better.
  2. There is at least a 2 – 3-inch layer of wool that runs through the whole length. This makes the Bowron sheepskin rug soft to touch and at the same time endows the rug with health benefits. Other materials can lead to allergies but wool being a natural product doesn’t cause any allergic reactions. Plus it has been sanitized and as the specs of the item declare, it has been found to be hypo-allergenic and non-toxic to babies.
  3. This area rug comes in with a tinge of yellow in the middle parts and fluffy white for the rest. The color gradation in the rug adds that exquisiteness to the product and makes it a luxury item in your decor cart list. It has also been found to be stain-resistant and cleaning/washing the rug is not at all difficult.
  4. The sheepskin rug goes through a 72-day finishing process. It only adds more opulence to the product and also allows it to enjoy a longer shelf life. Usually, rugs wear themselves out in 4-5 years but the intricacy of the manufacturing process makes it long-lasting. In terms of durability, this product is a must-buy since it promises a shelf life of around 20 years.
  5. This genuine sheepskin rug has been priced with a heavy discount at under $200 on Amazon. It is tough to find such discount area rugs and one has to often compromise with quality and build of the product to grab freebies and discounts. Cheap area rugs can be easily found on the internet but then finding a cheap sheepskin area rug is a difficult task.


Pros of this Genuine sheepskin rug: 

  1. It is soft and fluffy and is a great buy to cuddle around when compared to other living room area rugs.
  2. It is made of thick layers of wool and hence doesn’t create any allergic reactions.
  3. It can be used in a multipurpose way.
  4. Pets will also love this rug to nest them.
  5. This cheap area rug is definitely value for money.
  6. Out of all the contemporary area rugs, it is durable and free from stains
  7. It is easy to clean and wash the sheepskin rug.
  8. It adds a tinge of the luxury in the banal

Cons of this sheepskin area rug: 

  1. It is not completely snow-white in color and has a tinge of yellow in the middle portion.
  2. It might be oversized to be used a cover for your furniture
  3. The sheepskin rug might smell a bit for the first few days after the purchase.


  1. Do you get different sizes for the same rug?

Ans. Yes, Bowron makes customizable sizes according to your needs but then the price won’t stay the same.

  1. Will there a Bowron tag attached to the product?

Ans. Yes, there will be.

  1. Is the sheepskin genuine?

Ans. Yes, it is. The product might be shipped from China but then the final product is manufactured in New Zealand.

  1. What is the color of the rug?

Ans. Snow-white, for most of the part.

Customer Rating & Review:

While I am trying to write here this review, the real customers who have bought this type of area rugs awarded 4.4 stars out of a total of 5 stars. It is approximately considered as 4×6 area rugs

Final verdict: Genuine Sheepskin Rug

Out of all the Genuine Sheepskin Rug area rugs, this is a luxury product being sold at an affordable price. Made with precision and finesse, the product adds weight to the interior decor. Most of the living area rugs do not have much functionality but this one has its different purposes. It is comfortable, luscious to tread on. To put it as a cover around your sofa and sit on it is a cozy solution to freezing winters. Free from stains, there is no hassle in washing the same or cleaning it.

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If you want the perfect size, then you can ask for customized designs. If you are expecting a complete snow-white product, you might be a bit disappointed. But that shouldn’t stop you from going ahead and ordering this home. If you are looking for living room area rugs and at an affordable price, this is a must buy.