Contemporary Area Rugs Reviews and Buying Guide


Contemporary Area Rugs

Area rugs are textile floor coverings that are made from various materials. These items are often useful when used in tiles or hardwood floors. Contemporary area rugs are soft to lie on due to the soft materials that are used to make them. However, when you place area rugs in heavily trafficked areas, they can become dirty quickly. The best ways of maintaining area rugs is ensuring that you clean them with a carpet cleaner or seeking for the services of a professional rug cleaner to help you out in cleaning them.

Contemporary Area Rugs:

With the most modern patterns and designs, area rugs can complement any room interior. In the long run, such rugs can add freshness and warmth to any office or home interior. These features are what make area rugs to be also referred as contemporary area rugs by most of its users.

Area Rug Sizes:

Area rugs can usually be useful in many ways; in both convenient and ornamental aspects. However, the usefulness of the rug you purchase will be determined by its size as well as the materials used to make it. It is always important that you measure the area of your office or home before purchasing area rugs so that you can be sure about the size that will fit properly.

Cheap Area Rugs

Chances are, if you are looking for cheap area rugs, you are looking for quality cheap rugs which will last for several years. Basically, there are some affordable area rugs in the market recently that will serve you for years. However, it is ideal that you’re sure about what you’re buying as well as how you can properly take care of it if you indeed want it to serve you for decades.

Last, but not least, research first before making a purchase so that you can be able to hassle-free locate genuine area rugs that suit your needs better.

Best Contemporary Area Rugs Reviews 2020

In this part, we are going to take the taste of the whole crop; the best of the best in the world of modern area rugs, so feel free to take the advantages that you want to needs. I am requesting you to read carefully all the reviews and come across considering the pros, cons and features that you require before buying any products. This guide is intended to help you with choosing any area rugs by describing the best features.

Best Shag Area Rugs

When it comes to home improvement, Safavieh comes on top of the line in over 100 years of providing uncompromising quality of high-end home furnishings. Here comes the Safavieh Milan Shag Collection SG180-1212 Ivory Shag Area Rug that can be a head-turning focal point at any area of your home whether it is the living room, dining room, and bedroom.

Safavieh Ultimate Cream Shag Rug

– 1-inch high-density polypropylene pile is very thick as it does not flatten even when it is stepped on.

– A length of 10 feet x 8 feet makes it fit in any area. It does not consume much space, and it is not too short.

– The neutral color of ivory accentuates well with any color and shades of the home interior.

– It is soft and plushy that everyone can lay down on it, even your little ones and cuddly pets.

– It is power loomed so the fibers are sturdy and stable and it does not shed.

The Downsides of Safavieh Rugs

Safavieh Shag Rug has some downsides, but these do not make any big issues at all. This area rug may have a strong burnt-plastic-smell when it is newly-opened and used for the first time, but it shall disappear after a few days. The pad of the shag area rug is sold separately and is needed to be paired on this rug to avoid movement and slippery.

Overall, this Safavieh Milan Shag Collection SG180-1212 Ivory Shag Area Rug deserves a space in your home. It beautifies and gives a comfy and cozy ambiance to your home without breaking your bank.


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Best Floral Area Rugs

The New City brand area rug features a floral design in shades of brown and tan. Its size and soft pile make it perfect for a living room or bedroom. The style of contemporary area rugs is a chic addition to the home and the soft colors will complement classic interior design.

  • This rug measures 9′ x 12.5′ making it suitable for large rooms as a statement piece.
  • It is made from a blend of 50% Wool and 50% Heatset Olefin Twisted Yarn, so the rug is both warm and durable.
  • This beautiful rug was made in Turkey, as reflected in its exotic floral motif.
  • It is stain-resistant and does not have fringing, so the rug is easy to clean.
Best Floral Area Rugs
Best Floral Area Rugs

Customers who have bought the New City brown area rugs praise it comfortable low pile and soft feel underfoot. It wears well after use from children and pets and does not mark the floor underneath. It can also be covered easily. The floral area rugs stay in place without the need for a rug pad underneath. It is considered to be of excellent quality for the price.

Shortfalls of this rug include binding, which has been reported as unraveling in places shortly after purchase. Some customers felt the colors of the floral area rugs were too dull and faded. Upon measuring the rug, there has been a dispute over whether it accurately meets the size stated. Most of these shortfalls are cosmetic and down to individual buyer tastes.

Overall this area rug seems to be pleasing to look at and comfortable to walk on, so it is worth thinking about purchasing.


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Red Persian Style Oriental Area Rug Tabriz Design

The stylish, contemporary area rugs will undoubtedly become an asset for both customary and modern stylistic layouts. The outlines take after very alluring nineteenth-century Tabriz unique Persian style rugs.

Persian Style Rug Beige Brown Rug
Persian Style Rug Beige Brown Rug

This beautiful red colored piece emphasizes a complex and centered emblem design while involving a completely realized surrounding pattern. Tabriz oriental area rugs showcase finely tied, low heap rugs, to cover the ideal surface area of 8 x 10.

Furthermore, you additionally get a lovely rug that won’t just keep on increasing in quality, yet that is also a delight to admire. These wonderful oriental area rugs are remarkable pieces that should be protected and utilized by generations to come.

  • It is suitable for every decor, as it adds plush texture to the floor and embellishes every room.
  • It is durable and also resistant, so you will not have to continuously worry about soiling, staining it, and fading.
  • The quality vivid colors are intended to last for a long time so that you can enjoy the same brightness.
  • It is easy to clean through a regular vacuum and a mild detergent and you will not have to spend much time maintaining it.
  • The soft polypropylene pile keeps dirt out eliminating all worries about hygiene.

When contrasted with other types of contemporary area rugs, this particular Tabriz area rug does not seem to have any drawbacks regarding its overall value. It will stay serviceable on for a long time because of its reliable quality and also durability history.

Whenever you and your family spend time in a room with this stylish and soft plush rug, you will be happy to discover how important true quality is.


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Best Sheepskin Rug

Bestow elegance in any room with the authentic Ivory/ white sheepskin rug, Bowron cheap area rug is one of the best rug. It is sourced from lambs from the finest flocks from sheep stations in Australia and New Zealand.

Sheep skin Rug Double Pelt Natural White Fur
Sheep skin Rug Double Pelt Natural White Fur

The Bowron symbol of excellence is attached to this product. High-quality raw materials are used by Bowron for their sheepskin area rug. This produces the perfect result that yields great customer satisfaction.


  • This four pelts white sheepskin rug went under a delicate 72 day finishing process. Customers are highly satisfied with their appearance and outstanding quality.
  • Cares for your family and promotes the utmost health with its hypo-allergenic quality. This ensures that it will not trigger allergy symptoms.
  • Individually sanitized. It has been expertly trimmed, machined and hand washed prior to the commencement of the unique 42-step tanning process.
  • Crafted with safe material that’s non-toxic to babies. There’s no added worry of any risk involved with its use.
  • Stain-resistant living room area rugs exhibit a 20-25 year life span. This makes it a good investment that will last long.
  • People love the natural luster, divine texture, and durable feel of sheepskin contemporary area rugs. It was plain beautiful and lovely. The rug added instant sophistication to their homes. The material is kept intact and remains fluffy over time.

The most prominent reason some customers were not pleased was due to the high expectation of a pristine white rug.

Though it’s not really snow-white and a bit smaller than what it seems, it sure is soft and plush. The sheepskin area rug would perfectly blend with most environments.


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Best Wool Area Rug

Your living area is a place of comfort and relaxation. This means it should have the best of decor to express your taste and put you at ease. While you may think remodeling or revamping your space may be too costly, getting a rug like the Safavieh Cambridge rug is just the right complement to just about any decor of gentle colors. This is at an affordable price too.

Wool Area Rug
Wool Area Rug

The Safavieh Cambridge rug features a handcrafted masterpiece; coming from a long line of contemporary area rugs from the Safavieh brand, it is a durable and well-finished handiwork.

  • It is made of 100 percent wool with a cotton backing. This adds to its durability as well as ensures you do not need a carpet pad for it.
  • The wool area rug is 8 by 10 feet making it an appropriate size to complement your other decor.
  • This Safavieh Cambridge rug comes in silver with a blue tint. It also has a subtle print. This print has a white design that has a higher pile height than the rest of the rug. This gives it character.
  • The beauty of this color is that it can blend well with any gentle color that you choose for your home and décor. This color and print add a taste of sophistication to your living area.
  • It is hand-tufted to a dense pile, giving a comfortable and soft feel as well as an attractive look.

The greatest shortcoming of this Safavieh Cambridge rug is that it sheds in its first few days before you vacuum it out, but for the price it is offered at, it offers durable value.


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Contemporary Area Rugs make the right choice

Contemporary area rugs look really beautiful in any house. If you are trying to enhance the beauty of your house and want to add something special to make it more decorative, then you need to make sure that you buy an area rug. Besides beauty, it is also helpful in protecting your floor from scratches and stains. So, your floor will remain as beautiful as new besides making your house look wonderful. So, you need to take some action for this. That is, you have to find some really beautiful modern area rugs for your house in some affordable price.

Things to Do or Avoid While Buying Area Rugs

There are some of the common mistakes that every person does when it comes to buying the area rugs for the house. But these mistakes make the decoration poor and hence it somehow does not look as great as it should be after installing area rugs. Here are some of the important things that you need to be careful about –

– Do not choose rugs which are too small: You can choose one of the modern area rugs for your house. But make sure that it is not too small. Mainly people tend to buy smaller rugs to pay less but you can pay a little more and get a beautiful rug. At least it will be perfect in size. Mainly you need to install the rug in the center and all the furniture like a sofa and table on it. But if you buy a small one then it will not cover the entire space properly.

– Consider layering: If you have one of the small-sized pattern rugs which are generally inexpensive area rugs, then you have to consider layering. You can buy an affordable jute rug that is neutral in color and install it first and then place the small patterned rug over it.

– Try different patterns: Patterns look great and hence do not be fear to try different patterns for decorating the house. You can use patterned rugs for adding extra style to your decor. The most important thing about these patterns is that you have to make sure that it gets well with your interior decors and style. The color and theme should match. Otherwise, it will not blend properly with your interior style.

– Affordable rugs: It is always best to do a price comparison before you buy any products. That is why to buy of the most affordable area rugs with the best quality possible; you have to make sure that you do researches. Also, check whether or not you are missing any discounts or offers. This will help you to get the best rug at the most affordable price.

– Easy to clean and maintain: An expensive and beautiful area rug will lose its beauty after a certain time. You need to check whether or not the area rug you are buying can be easily cleaned. This is not only for maintaining its beauty but also for better health.

– Should feel good underfoot: When you are buying the rug make sure the quality or texture is smooth enough to make it feel good underfoot. If you are not comfortable standing over there or keeping your feet over it, then probably it is not the kind of rug you will want.

You can find many cheap area rugs with better qualities and designs. Thus for this, you need to do a bit of research. It is very important to do research and make sure that you are getting the right rug for your house and decorating it in the right way. If you are buying area rugs for different rooms then make sure they complement each other well or with the decoration of the particular room. The one that will look good in your bedroom may not look good in the living room or vice versa. So, you have to keep these things in mind while buying!