Trellis Rug Review STAINMASTER Traditional


The STAINMASTER Trellis Rug is indeed a premium grade and high quality product that is unique, innovative, and specifically designed with everyday living in mind. It is a 8x10 area rug that can adapts itself to any type of home or office environment.

What makes the STAINMASTER Trellis Rug stand out from amid other affordable area rugs? It is a trellis area rug that is traditional in description.  However, despite its traditional look, it is definitely a modern area rug. It was designed from start to finish with the assistance of premium fiber technology. STAINMASTER rugs are made to be durable, long lasting, and to be a rug that will only be an asset to a home or business setting in the very best of ways.

To Whom Is This Trellis Rug Product Designed for ?

The STAINMASTER Trellis Rug is designed with you individually in mind. What does this mean? It means that this amazing carpet adjusts to you and your life personally.

*For families of all kinds and sizes

*For individuals who vary and "individual" in their taste and style

*For businesses who want an elegant but yet simple STAINMASTER Trellis area rug.

Important Feature 1: The STAINMASTER Trellis Rug has lots of awesome features that make it a high quality and great 8X10 area rug choice for a home or business setting. One of the most important of all features is its premium fiber technology. Its premium fiber technology does indeed set it apart as an area rug in all the right ways. What this premium fiber technology does is to make the area rug long lasting in detail.

Important Feature 2: STAINMASTER Trellis Rug is the fact that has a soft feel and wonderful up underneath one's feet. What produces this special feel is no other than the 100% nylon piles that is durable in description. This nylon pile is to give the rug a very natural and gentle feel that is distinctly all its very own.

Important Feature 3: The STAINMASTER Trellis Rug is a rug product that is made exclusively in the United States alone. Many people love to purchase products that are made in America. Because, to be honest, it brings a good feeling to be appreciative of one's homeland and when you purchase products that are made on the home front. It does indeed bring a feeling of immense pride and appreciation for products that are made in the US alone.

Important Feature 4: This trellis rug is its latex backing. What makes this latex backing so great is abundantly clear. It provides a reliable backing that will keep the area rug from sliding in any kind of way. You also don't have to purchase a rug pad to have to keep under the area rug itself. A latex backing is something that makes for stability and no slipping when walking over rug.

Important Feature 5: The STAINMASTER Rug is amid the area rugs on sale. It not only comes available with some awesome features. A few of the features have already been highlighted here. Nonetheless, another feature of the trellis area rug is its universal usage. What does this mean? It means that this fine area rug can be used to accommodate a number of many uses for it overall. It is an area rug that is versatile and natural in all the right ways.


*It is an area rug that is very simple and easy to clean

*It is non-shedding in description

*It is very stain resistant


*One person said that this area rug was discolored in the center of it

*Is affordable in price, but some may thing it is expensive, because it is over $200.00 in price tag

FAQ -Pre-selling Questions and Answers about the particular product

Questions and answers are a great way of being able to get to know a product or services in a personal kind of way. Therefore, here are a few questions, which should be asked when shopping around for a high quality Stainmaster Trellis Rug.

What are all of the colors, as well as, flowers and background in this area rug?

The flowers are white and light beige in color. Branches are brown in color. The background is said to be far greener than it is blue.

  • Customer Rating & Review: What are customers at saying about the Stainmaster Trellis Rug?

Customers do seem to like this area rug a great deal. It is because they have left many glowing words with in reference to this specific area rug. Customers have given it an overall star rating of 4.2 out of five stars. Some of the comments that customers have left in review of this product are as follows. They are everything from a beautiful and soft rug to many reasons to truly like this rug to etc.

Final Verdict/Conclusion –

According to the customer reviews at, the Stainmaster Trellis Rug is truly an exceptional and top 8X10 area rug. There are a lot of things that do make this area rug outstanding and some of them have already been touched on here lightly. The trellis area rug isn't only beautiful in detail. It is also an area rug that has its very own uniqueness. It is also an area rug that can bring lots of spot-on things to any home or business. This type of Stainmaster affordable area rugs can give to one is lots of variety with regards to area rugs in general. With all this said, do consider buying this very contemporary and awesome rug in its own right.


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