STAINMASTER Medallion Area Rug Review

Stainmaster medallion area rug
Stainmaster medallion area rug

The Stainmaster Medallion area rug is one of the most popular 8x10 area rugs available. Besides the versatile and attractive design, this contemporary area rug is created using innovative fiber technology to keep it stain-resistant, prevent shedding, and retain it's thick, luxurious feel. The Medallion rug designs and color choices compliment any decor perfectly. It is functional as well as stylish with the appearance of a much more costly piece. Don't be afraid to put your Medallion area rug on display even in high-traffic areas, as it is made of the highest quality stain-resistant materials so cleaning are quick and easy.

Consumer reviews have overwhelmingly indicated extreme pleasure (and surprise) that even the most difficult spills is easily removed from the Stainmaster area rug - even grape juice and coffee. Stainmaster area rugs on sale have been highly praised for their thickness, comfort, and softness which are retained rather than fading over time.

The Stainmaster Medallion area rug is perfect for:

  • Homes requiring an area rug that provides both style and low maintenance.
  • Office spaces for functionality and warmth.
  • Children's rooms and play areas for comfort and easy cleaning.
  • Anywhere and for anyone who wishes to add a touch of personality to any area.

Features of the STAINMASTER Medallion Area Rug:

  • The Stainmaster rug is created using the most cutting edge technology to protect the rug from staining and discoloration. Should a spill, pet accident, etc, occur, it can be quickly and completely removed with a minimum amount of effort and with no worries about the integrity of the rug's colors or texture being compromised. Each and every fiber is coated and protected, making the rug perfect for use in any area of the home.
  • The state-of-the-art construction and materials used to create this area rug ensure that it will retain it's thick, luxurious feel and softness through many, many years of use. The decadent feel of this plush carpeting underneath bare feet is incomparable. No special care is necessary in order to keep the Stainmaster Medallion rug in top-comfort condition. The premium materials used in it's design mean that it practically cares for itself.
  • Part of the impressive design of the area rug is the no-slip backing which also eliminates the need for any type of padding underneath the rug. Its all-in-one creation assures safety wherever the rug is used (hallways, high traffic areas, etc) as well as complete protection of the surface underneath. Best of all, this does not compromise the comfort of the area rug at all. On the contrary, it adds to it in providing stability and eliminating any concern that the rug may be moved around by certain activities. This will not happen.
  • Stainmaster Medallion area rugs are available in a wide variety of designs, both contemporary and classic, as well as a wide variety of colors specially gray area rugs. From muted tones to bright, bold colors and prints, there is an area rug to compliment every room in your home. For office spaces, classic, cool designs add a personal touch and a bit of individual flair. Children's rooms or nurseries can be brightened up with a lively print and colors that pop.
  • The 8 x 10 size of the Stainmaster Medallion area rug is perfect for most rooms. Smaller rooms can be nearly completely covered by this rug, while larger rooms are accented by it. The rug's construction guarantees that it will lie flat along the edges and at the corners with no bunching in the middle or rolling along the sides for added safety and appealing appearance. This size rug is a favorite piece for a foyer or front room.


  • Slip-proof construction requires no additional backing or padding
  • Stain-resistant
  • High-Quality materials retain softness with no shedding
  • Many classic and contemporary designs and colors available to compliment any decor.


  • Consumers report carpet is too thin and "delicate" for normal to high traffic area use
  • Quality is reported as "functional" with no real durability
  • Construction is middle-weight, not of lasting quality


Q. Even though this rug is stain-resistant will have to purchase special products to clean it?

A: No. Most spills soak right up with a microfiber cloth. Liquid spills tend to "stand" on top of the rug piling, making for quick and easy cleanup.

Q. Is it pet-proof?

A. Several consumers have reported that as pet owners they are very pleased with the fact that their pets are unable to claw or chew on the rug, thereby eliminating pet damage. As the edges and corners of the rug are designed to lie flat, there is less temptation for pets to attempt to chew or pull at it.

Q. What if I am unhappy with my Stainmaster area rug or it becomes damaged in some way?

A. Stainmaster area rugs, like all Stainmaster carpeting, come with a Lifetime Warranty which provides protection against pet urine stains, static shock, oiling, and food and beverage stains. In order to maintain this Warranty, a professional steam cleaning/hot water extraction is required at least once every 18 months.


5-Star ratings and review points:

  • "This rug looks beautiful in my living is extremely soft on my feet".
  • "Simply beautiful and much more than I expected!"
  • "Lays flat and has a dolid grip on my time floors...stays firmly in place even in high traffic areas in my home."
  • "Top of thie line, and lives up to the Stainmaster name...a real upgrade to any room...everyday luxury!"


Ever since the Stainmaster brand was born in 1986, the name has been synonymous with top-quality, durable, family-friendly carpeting. The Stainmaster Medallion area rug is one of many outstanding examples of the craftsmanship and care that go into the creation of the affordable area rugs product. Whether for home or office use, this area rug is the top of the line in style and performance. It comes highly recommended by many satisfied customers. It is a product that has withstood the test of time and has proven over and over again that it deserves all of the accolades it has received as an esteemed member of the prestigious Stainmaster family.

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