Oriental Area Rugs Review Persian Style

Red Persian Style Oriental Area Rugs
Red Persian Style Oriental Area Rugs

Are you looking for beautiful oriental area rugs to bring more vibrancy and warmth in your house? With many contemporary area rugs coming up every day, this rug from Tabriz Design Rugs will certainly give your house a new admirable look. It matches perfectly with any decor giving your living room a revamped appearance. It also comes at an incredibly low price ensuring the best value for your money. When you decide to buy this rug, you will have made one wise decision and once you look back you will feel proud about it.

Many customers who have bought the Red Persian Style 8 by 11 Oriental Area rugs 8 by 10 carpets, have reportedly been more than satisfied with the quality, durability and general ease of maintenance. These Persian Style rugs from Tabriz come in a variety of colors and limitless designs, giving you a wide spectrum of choice and preference. These rugs are designed for any home and will come as 8x11 rug to fit perfectly in your living room.

Some key features coming with these oriental area rugs carpets include 

  • Limitless designs- they have intricate designs which include Persian artistry and visual culture
  • Wide range of colors- the colors are distinctive from red, brown to suit your preference
  • Lightweight- this makes them easy to carry and also to clean
  • Square or rectangular shape- in order to align well with the walls and corners of your room
  • Made from fine material including silk and wool
  • Comes with various patterning such as geometrics, medallions, floral motifs, tribal motifs and pictorial scenes

The Red Persian Style Oriental Carpet has the following additional features:

  1. A unique design

Design is one of the most important considerations when making this unique area rug. They have been weaved with the highest level of knowledge and experience in the field of rug making. This is in adherence to the classical traditions of antique Persian rug designs. They also represent a cross pollination of rich cultures from the ancient trade routes which included Persia, Anatolia, India, Pakistan, China and Tibet and Nepal.

  1. Hand made

These Persian hand knotted oriental rugs have been made by master weavers who have the knowledge and technical ability to produce the highest standard. By being handmade, it means they are very authentic and of the highest quality to ensure maximum durability. These rugs are also made with the highest level of craftsmanship.

  1. Non-fade colors

The colors are very vivid and colorful making them look attractive. These colors do not fade away with time regardless of the number of washings or cleaning done on the carpet. They still remain the same as if they were new. If you have been looking for a non-fade rug carpet, then this type of oriental area rugs will be your answer.

  1. Highly durable

When you think about durability, then this Oriental rug will never pass without a mention. You can use it for as long as many years before you think about replacement. And considering the price at which you buy, it will be like a life-long investment.

  1. They come in great size

When deciding to buy a rug for the first time, it is important to know the size of your room first so as to judge which rug fits well. Although this is not a priority, it is the key in determining how it is going to fit in your room or under the furniture. Most oriental area rugs are designed at 8 feet by 11 feet, which allows it to fit in your room well.

Pros of the Red Persian Style cheap area rugs

  • Acts as a great complement to your décor
  • Has vivid colors which are fade resistant
  • Very durable for up to long years
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with soft polypropylene which ensures dirt does not accumulate over time
  • Very light in weight
  • Considerable thickness

Cons of Persian style rugs

  • Not your ideal thick oriental rug, probably needs a pile to enhance stability


  1. How thick is the carpet?

This rug is approximately a ¼ inch thick. This is a good thickness that gives you all you need for a carpet and considering the pricing of this carpet, it is a good measure all the same.

  1. How high is the pile?

The pile is ¾ of an inch

Customer Rating:

The overall customer rating of this 8x11 rug is well enough because there are 72% of real buyers have given it to 5 stars out of 5 stars. The average rating is awarded 4.5 stars out of 5 stars according to 171 customer reviews at the time of my writing this review.

In conclusion, the Red Persian Style 8x11 Rug is a high quality carpet that will give you lasting service while providing a new look and ambiance into your room. If you are looking for oriental area rugs for sale which will be available at discount price, then the Persian Style contemporary area rugs will serve all your needs at an amazingly low price. High satisfaction guaranteed and you will be amazed at how much of a bargain you have acquired. As with most Persian style rugs, it is designed using highest level human handiwork. If you want a long lasting and more than satisfactory area rug, then this is the choice for you.

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