Home Goods Area Rugs Taffy Apple Review

Home Goods Area Rugs Taffy Apple Color
Home Goods Area Rugs Taffy Apple Color

Home goods area rugs offer added comfort for those who have wood, concrete, or linoleum flooring. The plush fabric cradles the feet in comfort and is perfect for any home or business. Contemporary area rugs not only offer superior comfort, they also effectively help to protect a home's flooring. Since these Taffy Apple Color rugs can easily be replaced when they become worn or stained, they are an effective method of prolonging the life of the flooring in a home. With these affordable area rugs, homeowners can rest assured their home will look beautiful and will be an inviting place for visitors to gather. Since these cheap area rugs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, homeowners should have no problem finding the perfect area rug for their home space.

To whom is this product designed for?

* Homeowners

* Business owners

* Housewives

* Home designers

* Hotel owners

* Restaurant owners

Features of Taffy Apple Color Home Goods Area Rugs:

  1. Durability -- When purchasing cheap area rugs, shoppers are often concerned about sacrificing quality for price. Taffy Apple area rug will stand up to heavy traffic without becoming matted and damaged. Koeckritz is a name that has come to recognize both value and strength. These rugs will provide the durable beauty people expect so they can be placed in any area of a home or business.
  2. Beauty -- These contemporary rugs are gorgeous and blend in perfectly with any design decor. The plush carpet fibers feature beautiful shades of beige. Though these colors are present in the design, the hues of the colors are subdued so they will not overwhelm any design scheme in a home or business. These rugs look gorgeous in front of a fireplace, in a dining room, or in any room of a home.
  3. Plush -- Though it can be difficult to find affordable area rugs that are thick and plush, this rug is the exception. This rug is plush so one will feel like they are walking on an expensive area rug instead of one that is so affordable. The thick pile of the rug ensures one will experience superior comfort from the first day it is placed until they decide to replace it with a new rug.
  4. Easy to clean -- Contemporary area rugs can sometimes be difficult to clean simply because of the materials they are made of. With the Scotch guard protector of this area rug, one simply needs to vacuum on a regular basis to keep dirt and debris removed from the fibers so they do not become damaged. When spills occur, one only needs to dab the spot until all of the liquid is removed and use a gentle soap to clean the stain.
  5. Sizing -- These home goods area rugs come in a variety of sizes from area rugs, runners, and square feet rolls. When purchasing these cheap area rugs, the shopper simply needs to choose the size they want. If they cannot find the right size, the retailer can custom make a size for any customer so they can be sure the rug perfectly fits their space.

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PROS of the affordable area rugs:

* Rug is durable.

* The beautiful color scheme complements any design.

* This rug is truly affordable.

* Rug can be used anywhere in a home.


* Colors may be slightly different than pictured.

* Rug is not padded.

* Can slip so rug tape is recommended.

General FAQ:

What are the colors in this rug?

Though the title of this rug is taffy apple, the colors are a blend of neutral beiges.

What kind of backing does this area rug have?

The rug features a woven backing that is meant to offer no-slip protection.

How thick is this area rug?

This is not an extremely thick rug though it is very well made. Many customers purchase carpet padding to add to the thickness.

Can the area rug be cut to custom sizes?

The makers of the rug will cut custom sizes without any up charge. Shoppers simply need to order and then email them with the size they need.

Customer Rating:

Reading through customer reviews on these home goods area rugs proves just how well-made the rug is. This rug has received an Amazon customer rating of 4.5 out of 229 reviews at my writing. Many customers were shocked to find just how beautiful and stain-resistant this rug is for the price. The only complaint some customers have is that the thickness of the area rug was not what they thought it would be. Some customers purchased a pad to go under their rug and the problem was solved.

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Final Verdict:

Those who are searching for truly affordable area rugs will be thrilled with this purchase. The rug is a beautiful neutral color that will fit in well with any home or business decor. There are no patterns that can interfere with a design scheme so almost anywhere this rug is placed, it will complement its surroundings. These rugs are super easy to clean and can even resist pet stains. Those who are looking to add style and protection to their boring flooring will find these contemporary area rugs are just the touch a home or business needs to add to its warm and inviting atmosphere.

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