Geometric Area Rugs Distressed Modern Review

Geometric Area Rugs
Geometric Area Rugs

The distressed modern multi soft geometric rug advertises itself as being rather versatile in nature. While some rugs look great while remaining itchy on the feet (or vice versa), or focus on offering the cheapest product out there by taking the degree of quality down a notch, this particular modern area rug  takes all aspects into consideration. This makes it suitable for a wider range of people and accrues a higher degree of customer satisfaction (with positive reviews all around the net from previous customers to prove it). While it may not prove to be the most high-end rug of all time, the geometric area rugs      offer a great product at an even better price, giving many folks more than enough incentive to purchase it in the first place. The rug certainly has quite a range of attractive features. Are these features just what you've been looking for in your next rug? Let's go ahead and find out!

Who Is the Distressed Modern Geometric Multi Soft Area Rug Best Suited Toward?

- The rug's durability makes it great for the frugal looking to save money in the long run.

- Stain and bacteria-resistant, the rug is great for kitchens, whether in a restaurant or at home.

- Those currently training a pet will appreciate the rug's ability to withstand unexpected bathroom breaks.

The main Features of the Geometric Rugs:

The Rug Is Very Soft

This is a fairly practical feature and is one which most of us can appreciate to at least some degree or another. While those using the rug in a professional setting or in a house in which shoes are worn may not notice this benefit, everyone else certainly will. When it comes to flooring, a material which is uncomfortable just doesn't make sense. If it's a soft floor you're after, look no further than this Geometric area rug.

Stain Resistance

Not only is this feature great from a practicality standpoint, it will likely keep your new rug looking better for a longer amount of time. We've all experienced rugs and carpets which have little dark splotches around them. With the purchase and use of this one; however, this will be an issue of the past. Although I wouldn't recommend spilling an extra large double-double coffee all over it, you'll find stains to be a lot less frequent than you might usually expect. One may expect to hold onto this rug longer than most, having it look great the entire time.

It's Durable

Stain resistance alone isn't going to preserve your rug. Another common problem I've experienced with many other geometric area rugs in the past is their tendency to fray over time. This particular rug, while still not one hundred percent immune to fraying, tends to stack up rather well to similar geometric rugs in terms of its ability to resist normal wear and tear. This not only keeps your rug looking great over time, but reduces the amount of money one must spend on rugs over the course of their life.

It has a Nice Design

Of course, none of the above features matter to a large portion of folks out there if the rug itself doesn't look nice. Luckily, you'll have no issue here. This product varies from many contemporary area rugs in that it offers a sleek-yet-traditional pattern and color scheme. The physical design makes it great for nearly all situations. As such, you won't have to worry about the rug being unable to fit in with the rest of a room's decor, making compatibility-related worries a thing of the past.

Bacteria and Dirt Resistance

For a whole lot of folks, laundry day can involve a whole lot of dirty and grimy rugs, whether they'd been stepped on in dirty shoes or had been exposed to some sort of dropped food. With this modern area rug; however, you'll find such issues to rarely present themselves. Not only will this keep your rug looking great in between washes, it will lower the frequency at which you find yourself washing it in the first place. We could all use a little less cleaning in our lives.

Pros of the Geometric Area Rugs:

- A great design makes the rug suitable for a wide variety of situations.

- Stain, dirt, fray and germ resistance will keep your rug clean, intact and looking great for years to come.

- Built with softness in mind, you'll find it rather comfortable.

- It has a high degree of value compared to many area rugs for sale.


- No non-slip materials are built into the carpet, making it less suitable for busy areas with low traction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should I clean the rug?

A: The manufacturer recommends spot cleaning and vacuuming, urging customers to avoid the dry cleaner.

Q: What are the rug's dimensions?

A: The rug is 7'10" by 10'2"

Q: How heavy is the unit?

A: The rug is 39 pounds in weight.

Customer Feedback

Of course, nobody is more aware of a product's overall quality than those who have previously owned said product. Lucky for us, the user feedback regarding this rug has been nearly unanimously positive. Customers will often praise the rug for its longevity, great look and overall level of comfort. In short, previous owners attest that the area rug does exactly as it is advertised as doing.

The Verdict

This product has to be one of the most practical and versatile of its type. Although many Geometric area rugs are made with one particular user in mind (such as those who only care about a rug's look, or those who only care about its durability), this specific rug caters to a wide variety of people through covering all of the basics and ensuring owners never feel like something is missing. If you've been looking for a great rug at an even greater value, the distressed modern Multi Soft Geometric rug should prove a worthy contender.

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