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Out of all the places in the apartment, the kitchen seems like one of the least ideal places to place a rug in. The place deals with regular spills, grease, and the worst of all, fire. But, if you’re able to rule out all of these reasons, a kitchen can be a great place to place kitchen area rug sets.

Not only does this break the neutral look of the kitchen, but also acts as a quirky addition to the house. It also acts as an extra cushioning as you’re on your feet all day long in the room.

Top Kitchen Area Rug Ideas

In case you’re planning to buy one for your kitchen, here are a few quick tips that’ll help you find the right contemporary area rug.

Kitchen Area Rug
Kitchen Area Rug
  1. Get the right color

The first thing to keep in mind while getting a kitchen area rug is to keep it in place with the decor of the rest of the place or completely out of it. A rug matching the tones of your kitchen adds a value and a homely feel whereas a one with an opposite tone as that of the kitchen adds vibrancy and quirk. It gives your kitchen a character and makes it a place that can’t be avoided.

  1. Plan the placing

Planning where to place your carpet in the kitchen has a lot to do with the decor of the kitchen as well. You may choose to lay just one kitchen area rug around the main counter top or place around several smaller ones. This decision also has a lot to do with how much you move around and where do you think you’ll need it the most apart from how much space of the kitchen you want to be covered.

  1. Choose the right size

Apart from planning upon the number of carpets you want and where you want to place them, the size needs to be perfect for them. Too large or too small of a rug can make your space look congested and awkwardly done. For example, smaller tables need the size of the rug to be just a little bigger than their top but away from the chairs as well.

  1. Understand which shape is best for you

There are several area rugs shape options available these days for kitchen. Oval, Half-moons, square, rectangles, you name it and there is one. Rectangular rugs are considered to be most versatile of them all due to their ability to adjust anywhere easily. However, you can also play around with other shapes by using the half-moon ones in front of a sink or at places where you stand the most, and the round ones under the tables to give an edge to your seating area in the kitchen.

  1. Decide upon the material inside it

Using foam and gel inside your rug is considered best if what you’re looking for is comfort and some sort of cushion under your feet. A thick rug may look great in an otherwise subtle kitchen, but doesn’t provide the right comfort your feet need after hours of standing. Memory foam and gel-based rugs can also be customized as per the order.

  1. Understand which fabric serves you best

It’s a given that the kitchen is an area filled with spills and stains. Your kitchen area rug, however, doesn’t need to take all of it and breathe its last while there’s still time. That is why, it isn’t recommended to choose natural fibers for the kitchen as they don’t take to stains well. With the exception of wool, most natural fibers are also rough and therefore; don’t provide good comfort to your feet. It is thus, best advised to keep it synthetic when it comes to a kitchen area rug.

  1. Get the weave right

As explained earlier, a kitchen area rug should be as easy to clean as possible which is why, it isn’t a good idea to have a rug with loose construction. Opt for a densely piled rug which is short enough to not attain any stains but dense enough to provide the right comfort.

  1. Make sure you can clean it

Materials like nylon and wool are stain resistant to an extent and are easier to clean in comparison to other natural fabrics. But synthetic blends like olefin, polyester are also great options to consider if you don’t want to wash your rugs again and again.

  1. Make sure it doesn’t slip

It is easier to get a kitchen area rug than to actually keep it in place. It can become extremely difficult in an area involved with constant movement to have a rug in place but in order to protect any injuries due to slipping, one can use adhesive tape or a good backing to keep it in place.

  1. Consider its durability

Apart from being stain resistant and easy to clean, the fabric of the carpet should last you for a longer time as well. It makes no sense to keep changing your kitchen area rug every few months and is a not good idea for the pocket as well. Therefore, it is recommended to find a rug that is easy to maintain and thus, more durable than the others.

A kitchen area rug not only adds a personality to your kitchen but also makes it look more warm and comfortable. It invites people to peek in and preserves the authentic nature of the décor. The kitchen area rugs are also the best suited as they cancel out the noise that the hardwood floors might cause. Thus, they give you the right amount of peace and clear head that you may need for your cooking. Apart from that, it provides you enough comfort to stand in the kitchen for hours while cooking for a couple of guests and acts as a great cushion for your feet. Other than these quick tips, you can find why your kitchen needs area rugs.

However, if anyone in your house is allergic to some substances; it is well advised to have a rug that’ll absorb all the allergens in the air, making the air a lot more breathable for the ones with allergies.

Persian T1007 Modern Area Rug
Persian T1007 Modern Area Rug

This day’s many people are looking for ways to spruce up their homes or places of work using the most creative accessories and fabrics. Modern Area Rug has seen a rise in popularity the past decade or so. Nothing spells beauty and ingenuity than visitors walking into your place of residence and seeing the modern designs on the floor surface. This is universal irrespective of financial capabilities or social status.

They are a variety of styles and designs out in the market and every customer has his preference. The most common choice among shoppers is the ones that stand out among the contemporary area rugs. Colors that is bright with patterns that are striking and complement the rooms they are placed in. The use of flower designs and other botanical patterns ensure any indoor setting will stand out. The statistics also back this new trend with data showing upswing in sales compared to the traditional styles. ...continue reading

Home Goods Area Rugs Taffy Apple Color
Home Goods Area Rugs Taffy Apple Color

Home goods area rugs offer added comfort for those who have wood, concrete, or linoleum flooring. The plush fabric cradles the feet in comfort and is perfect for any home or business. Contemporary area rugs not only offer superior comfort, they also effectively help to protect a home's flooring. Since these Taffy Apple Color rugs can easily be replaced when they become worn or stained, they are an effective method of prolonging the life of the flooring in a home. With these affordable area rugs, homeowners can rest assured their home will look beautiful and will be an inviting place for visitors to gather. Since these cheap area rugs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, homeowners should have no problem finding the perfect area rug for their home space.

To whom is this product designed for?

* Homeowners

* Business owners

* Housewives

* Home designers

* Hotel owners

* Restaurant owners ...continue reading

Safavieh Milan Shag Area Rug SG180
Safavieh Milan Shag Area Rugs SG180

For over 100 years, Safavieh is lifting its reputation in creating home furnishings and artistic interior and outdoor accessories. One of the most sought-after indoor accessories in Safavieh is their variety of their flamboyant contemporary area rugs. The Safavieh Milan Shag Collection Shag area rug is one of the best selling Safavieh shag rug that gains high-rated reviews online. Because of its appealing and clean creamy ivory color, placing it in any area of the house would never be a problem.

Safavieh creates their discount area rugs with passion and love. This collection of shag rugs are handmade using either of the two techniques: hand tufting, and hand weaving. They are made of acrylic material and each pile of fiber is made of polypropylene. It has a weight of 76 pounds (34.4 Kg) and has a dimension of 10 ft. long, 8 ft. wide, and 1 inch thick.

...continue reading


The STAINMASTER Trellis Rug is indeed a premium grade and high quality product that is unique, innovative, and specifically designed with everyday living in mind. It is a 8x10 area rug that can adapts itself to any type of home or office environment.

What makes the STAINMASTER Trellis Rug stand out from amid other affordable area rugs? It is a trellis area rug that is traditional in description.  However, despite its traditional look, it is definitely a modern area rug. It was designed from start to finish with the assistance of premium fiber technology. STAINMASTER rugs are made to be durable, long lasting, and to be a rug that will only be an asset to a home or business setting in the very best of ways.

To Whom Is This Trellis Rug Product Designed for ?

The STAINMASTER Trellis Rug is designed with you individually in mind. What does this mean? It means that this amazing carpet adjusts to you and your life personally.

*For families of all kinds and sizes

*For individuals who vary and "individual" in their taste and style

*For businesses who want an elegant but yet simple STAINMASTER Trellis area rug. ...continue reading

Safavieh Florida Shag beige area rug
Safavieh Florida Shag beige area rug

Safavieh Beige Area Rug comes in a number of patterns to give the home owner different choices, there are the animal print designs, abstract patterns, designs inspired by creeping plants as well as floral patterns. All these can be found in stunning colors that complement the interior decor of the room. The makers have taken into account that homeowners have children, pets and may have a lot of guests so the contemporary area rugs need to be able to withstand all this and yet still retain their classy look. Customer reviews have rated the performance of this area rug highly.

It would be appealing particularly to:

- Homeowners who wish to have a beautiful center piece

- Pet owners or people with children who want a durable area rug

- Offices with a lot of traffic and need a durable and presentable rug

- Anyone who appreciates a well-designed shag area rug ...continue reading

Genuine Bowron Sheepskin Rug Single Pelt
Genuine Bowron Sheepskin Rug Single Pelt

Contemporary area rugs can be used to improve the decor of any room in your home. This is because they are beautiful, fun and versatile. And this is where sheepskin rugs come in. They are available in a variety of designs, shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from. There are numerous benefits to owning a sheepskin rug. The fur is extraordinarily durable and can last decades if treated correctly. Besides being natural, sheepskin fur is also hypo-allergenic. However, after the usual, everyday traffic these luxurious area rugs will start showing dirt. Therefore, a question that arises is how to clean sheepskin rug.

Of course, most of the sheepskin rugs come with special care directions and it is recommendable to follow them because it can void the warranty. But if your area rug did not come with these special care instructions, below are some helpful tips on how to clean it: ...continue reading

Stainmaster medallion area rug
Stainmaster medallion area rug

The Stainmaster Medallion area rug is one of the most popular 8x10 area rugs available. Besides the versatile and attractive design, this contemporary area rug is created using innovative fiber technology to keep it stain-resistant, prevent shedding, and retain it's thick, luxurious feel. The Medallion rug designs and color choices compliment any decor perfectly. It is functional as well as stylish with the appearance of a much more costly piece. Don't be afraid to put your Medallion area rug on display even in high-traffic areas, as it is made of the highest quality stain-resistant materials so cleaning are quick and easy.

Consumer reviews have overwhelmingly indicated extreme pleasure (and surprise) that even the most difficult spills is easily removed from the Stainmaster area rug - even grape juice and coffee. Stainmaster area rugs on sale have been highly praised for their thickness, comfort, and softness which are retained rather than fading over time. ...continue reading

Safavieh Adirondack Rug
Safavieh Adirondack Rug

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to decorate their homes in different styles today. The style that a person chooses, however, normally determines how a homeowner is viewed when someone enters their home. It is important to note that some homeowners like to create a modern day decor, while others prefer a contemporary look. So, everything that they can choose a major difference in what type of message is given. When a homeowner is looking for a modern area rug to dress up a room in their home, they may want to start off by adding the Safavieh Adirondack rug to their collection.

The same is true for people who like the contemporary area rugs because it can transform some areas in the home into a special piece of art. Before making this investment, the homeowner can do a little research to see what the manufacture offers and what other consumers are saying about their purchase. With this being said, here's some invaluable information that can assist an individual with making an informed decision. ...continue reading

Red Persian Style Oriental Area Rugs
Red Persian Style Oriental Area Rugs

Are you looking for beautiful oriental area rugs to bring more vibrancy and warmth in your house? With many contemporary area rugs coming up every day, this rug from Tabriz Design Rugs will certainly give your house a new admirable look. It matches perfectly with any decor giving your living room a revamped appearance. It also comes at an incredibly low price ensuring the best value for your money. When you decide to buy this rug, you will have made one wise decision and once you look back you will feel proud about it.

Many customers who have bought the Red Persian Style 8 by 11 Oriental Area rugs 8 by 10 carpets, have reportedly been more than satisfied with the quality, durability and general ease of maintenance. These Persian Style rugs from Tabriz come in a variety of colors and limitless designs, giving you a wide spectrum of choice and preference. These rugs are designed for any home and will come as 8x11 rug to fit perfectly in your living room. ...continue reading